Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Typhoon Ondoy, Jollibbee, Shakey's and McDo

This morning, I walked in Jollibee-Sikatuna and ordered burger steak meal only to find out that the store ran out of stock of burger. Then I tried ordering another meal (hotdog-egg-rice) but, again, to no avail. So I ended up ordering pancake for breakfast with hot choco, which, later, I exchanged for pineapple juice when I felt that the weather is slowly becoming hot. Well, an indication that the sun's high and that I'm already late for work!

On my way home, I dropped by the same branch and ordered a burger meal. As expected, they still got no stock. I felt a little strange and wondered how a multi-billion company would fail on this aspect. So, I just suspected that all of these are caused by Storm Ondoy in one way or another.

Upon reaching KABAKA Library, I tried fixing the hotspot server. Then Andrei, Gigi, Bun Hua, and Eloisa insisted that we watch The Grudge on DVD. So, we did... with unset hotspot software.

In the middle of the movie, some other friends who are studying outside, along KABAKA Library's alley, thought of ordering Shakey's pizza. I called up 77-777 but unfortunately the Loyola branch delivers only up to 10:30 P.M. So we turned to McDonald online delivery (

Although McDo's delivery site is available, we cannot put multiple orders in it. We suspect that either the food items are out of stock (just like Jollibee) or the site has problems OR both!

In the end, we were eating mani (fried peanut) bought from a street vendor in Krus na Ligas with freshly brewed coffee served at KABAKA Library.

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