Monday, December 3, 2012

ATM ATe My Card

It was my Metrobank Credit Card's due date and as usual, I came to the same Metrobank ATM machine in Cybergate 3-Pioneer where I usually pay my Metrobank Credit Card using my Chinabank ATM. But this day, technology has bitten me... the machine ate my ATM card!!!

I approached the building guard but he simply advised me to wait further as the machine will spit out my ATM card. Guess what??? It never did. So I went to the adjacent store to call 8700700 using a Bayantel Wireless Landline. The CSR made a report and gave me a reference number advising me that it'll take 5 or more banking days before I can retrieve my ATM card. I asked for the nearest Metrobank branch where I can do an over-the-counter transaction but he rather advised me to ask Chinabank to make a manual debit for this transaction.

When I approached Chinabank's staff, she told me that they do not do manual debit and advised me to transact online instead using my Chinabank Online Banking account. Unfortunately, I forgot my User ID, password, and email address and she cannot retrieve it for me. Good thing, she has another alternative: Bancnet Online! enabled me to do balance inquiry for my Chinabank account free-of-charge. It also allowed me to pay for my Metrobank Credit Card dues by simply providing account and payment information similar to that found in ATMs when paying for bills.

Bancnet has done a very good job leveraging on existing online technologies and pairing it with a very familiar user experience similar to that in ATMs, which makes the facility useful to their clients with low technology learning curve.

Nice job, Bancnet!

Technologies used:
  • Metrobank ATM Machine
  • Chinabank ATM Card
  • Bayan Wireless Landline Phone
  • Blackberry Smartphone
  • Nexus 7 Tablet
  • Chinabank Online Banking facility
  • Bancnet Online Banking facility
  • Lenovo Notebook
  • LAN

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