Thursday, September 12, 2013

A technology a day keeps life easier each day


Adopting my experience from the command line window (boxed selection), I rediscovered how to make a rectangular selection in MS Word: Hold down Alt while dragging on the selection.  This can be very useful in extracting data from a columnar/tabular information in a document.  Simply select the desired column, copy & paste it in Excel.  Repeat this for each column.  Use the formatting techniques below as needed.

Rectangular selection/boxed selection: 



After years of using MS Excel, I still learn new things that makes work and life a lot easier!  For today, these includes removing leading and trailing spaces (blank spaces) after a paste operation and adding leading zeroes to an existing number.

Remove leading/trailing spaces:

=TRIM(C2) in a blank cell then copy back the value to the original reference cell.

Add leading zeroes:

=TEXT(A1,"0000") in a blank cell then copy back the value to the original reference cell.

Source: by GSerg & Martin


I use this as intermediary between softcopies made in various applications, such as MS Office, and Dokuwiki.  Here I paste formatted (Wiki-compliant - all symbols included) texts, usually from Excel, and simply "copy-find-paste-replace all" things I want deleted (like extra spaces or tabs) or formatted in a certain way as defined in the "replace with" string.

I choose the Extended option whenever I find/replace carriage return/CR (\r) and new line/LF (\n) symbols.

I hope these learnings can help others searching for similar solutions.

Have a nice day!

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